The Library welcomes gifts of books, pamphlets, and audio-visual materials.

  • Library guidelines on Material selection
  1. contemporary significance
  2. quality – accuracy, quality, usability
  3. format, durability and ease of use
  4. scarcity of information in the subject area
  5. demand
  6. availability of material in Bontoc

Gifts are accepted from the donor with the full understanding that all gifts become the property of the Library with no restrictions. Once given, no gift materials can be returned to the donor.

Gift materials will be added to the collection only when they meet the same criteria and standards set in the Library Collection Development Policy. The gifts will not just be added to the collection solely because it is a gift.

The Library does not attempt to acquire textbooks or other curriculum related materials except as such materials contribute to and serve the needs of the general public.

For more inquiries: contact us at: chamreinemccatgmaildotcom or follow us on facebook: Bontoc Municipal Library



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