This is to acknowledge the individuals with generous hearts, who donated their personal collections of books to the Library.

year 2012

  1. Edmarie Kitongan
  2. Hydee Pachingel
  3. Thomas Maxwell and family (YWAM-Bontoc)
  4. Arlene Gasmena
  5. Ira Solang Toyokan
  6. Zenith Dalog
  7. Susalyn Ocden
  8. Josephine Kal-ing Bang-i
  9. Peter Chong (Singapore)

year 2013

  1. Doris Cobaldes
  2. Julius Malafu
  3. Norie Inumpa Padngaran
  4. Yasmin Doctor
  5. Grace Ogoy – HK
  6. Zenith B. Dalog
  7. Joie Solang Toyokan
  8. Genesis Kiaki
  9. Beau Amangay K. Macliing
  10. Francis Degay




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